Just a quick repost
  • heart_machineJust a quick repost

  • sashafornariawesome!
  • dabfredoStop doing that please! (NEEEEEEED!!)
  • jdmlouisDO WAAAAANT!! (Glad I backed it.)
  • bhdbdingoGonna be one of vitas best games of all time for sure. Im too souped for this game
  • jdmlouisWould it be accessible on a PSP or 3DS, I wonder? Even if not, I'll still play the PC version happily.
  • alienatedyouthGenuinely cannot wait for this game. Looks absolutely phenomenal (another glad backer here)
  • jedicommieFor me HLD is the most anticipated game of this year
  • n_alsafari(I am a backer) .. Its so exciting to see this baby growing into a full game 😍
  • jjgallowayGreat job!
  • gotham89Can't wait!
  • monstroplanteCant wait too
  • mrbeezulsoooooo want
  • gstsdwOh yes yes yes!! Take my money now now now! I'm so excited to see this actually on the Vita now! The screenshots have been amazing and all of the videos throughout the development have been great too, but just seeing it on the screen makes it even more awesome!
  • jocelotway to go!
  • arjun_gsweeeeeeeeeeeeet
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