Oh, Snap! Add us on #Snapchat. Username: officialaeo
  • americaneagleOh, Snap! Add us on #Snapchat. Username: officialaeo

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  • corygoodingHey AE, the stories your posting only has 3 second timers; I'm not sure if that's intentional so I wanted to let you know.
  • americaneagle@corygooding Hi Cory! Thank you for letting us know. 
  • officialtjforsterHey @americaneagle can you please check out my page @dreambignation It would seriously mean a lot because I want to show y'all what I'm all about and what my page is about! I show peoples dreams to the world and I'm wanting to get everyone noticed for their dreams and talents. With your help I could expand DreamBigNation and that's why I want to win Project Live Your Life to show y'all my huge plans and my dreams to help others with their dreams and make a change in the world. It would be a dream of mine if you could follow my page and see what it's all about. I can't wait to see who y'all announce to be winners of this seasons project live your life on April 7th. I've been in the top 10 these past 4 weeks so I'm really hoping you like my pictures and videos because I'm really hoping to be picked for your campaign because I have a lot to give and I want to help the world (:
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  • kserg_ADD ME 👉: HUNGRYGAMERGIRL (I love your products! 😍🙌💯) @americaneagle
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