@oneillwomens scores the cover of the 2014 @surfingmag_swim issue. @surfingmagazine 
Photo: @jasonleeparry
  • oneillusa@oneillwomens scores the cover of the 2014 @surfingmag_swim issue. @surfingmagazine
    Photo: @jasonleeparry

  • james_deenReally? @christofernil its a swimsuit edition ... Not an editorial on womens surfing. Are you saying women should not be wearing bikins? @oneill makes clothing as well as surf apparel
  • christoferniloldffs @james_deen this picture is obviously sexualized and objectifying. That's not an ordinary woman posing to show of the bikini, dont you agree? Would you like that image to be the inspiration for your daughter/sister?
  • ellonwheelsThat's a beautiful shot! And if I had a body like like that I'd be knocking down the @oneill door to get that suit.
  • natalie.wylder@christofernil I understand your point of view, but as a girl grom myself, I don't see it as sexual or objectifying ! I see it as open minded inspiration. Maybe it's the way I was raised... but hey, If I ( a 12 year old girl ) can see it positively, then I'm sure it's really not as bad as it seems.
  • james_deen@christofernil you are sounding very narrow-minded in your argument. It is a photo of a woman in a bikini doing what most people wearing a bikini would be doing. That is enjoying being in the ocean. I don't feel that she is being overtly sexual in her pose at all. And you still have no retort as to how this would be influencing young female surfers. It is a swimsuit edition, showcasing bikinis etc... Not telling young female surfers to try to become models.
  • righty64Maybe it's just me but it bothers me more that this was taken in Aruba. That's where Natalee Holloway went missing.
  • righty64Well, I think a bikini is suppose to be a kinda show off article of clothing. I mean come on, when do we see an overweight or plain fat dude in boardshorts?
  • perarnsaterI'm with you @christofernil when would you ever see a "sexy male" in the same position advertising surf shorts? That's right, never...
  • jimmyeljalebI'm with you to @christofernil i agree👍
  • jimmyeljalebHaha!! Du var ju från Malmö!! Håller verkligen med dig!! Bra skrivit👍😃
  • christofernilold@james_deen Ok, then thats your opinion. But you cant argue that these kind of magazines and commercials tell young girls how to look and act. And the fact that oneill stands behind these kind of images (this is really not the first time) makes me sad for the young girls following them, thinking they have to reach those impossible standards of photoshop pretty and -skinny to wear an oneill bikini without feeling bad about their bodies.
  • jimmyeljaleb@christofernil
  • christofernilold@james_deen and check the oneill instagram feed and compare the amounts of pictures of guys surfing/girls surfing and guys modelling in tiny clothes/girls modelling in tiny clothes.
  • christofernilold@james_deen AND last thing (I asked this before): would you be comfortable with your sister/daughter posing exactly like the girl in that picture?
  • christofernilold@perarnsater @jimmyeljaleb 👍
  • 831prefontaineIf it's not obvious enough, this is just editorial by @surfingmagazine. O'Neill just provided the bikini and are stoked they got the cover of the Swimsuit Issue. End of story...
  • longshore_surfThis isn't the place to be ranting about your feelings, if you don't want to congratulate oneil then go, they don't need your hate. Good job @oneill
  • noah_from_carmelObjectification at this level is subjective sorry and sorry your sad @christofernil I get the false reality that modeling can provide yet it's our responsibility to educate. Pointing fingers at a company @oneill is actually shallow. I work with them and they are helpful in there communities we teach girls to surf and empower them through the sport. Look deep look at your impact take your passion and make a difference in a positive way you'll get much more movement that way
  • peaksandpalms@pastelblonde water love!
  • christofernilold@surfdad831 If we, the consumers, dont tell the companies that we think they send out a bad message, then who will? Everyone has to do their part towards a more equal society. And sorry about the harsh tone, but I dont like the fact that you are trying to lecture me on how to do my part when you dont know me. I actually run a film company that focuses on gender equality in music and boardsports.
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