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  • historyvikingsIn last night's all new episode of #Vikings, Athelstan found himself in the middle of a Saxon sneak attack. Watch this battle recap to see how the Tiny Viking fared.

  • jbirney1Thankful the crucifixion of Athelstan was stopped!
  • aifoses87Boor Athelstan! Ragnar should have said no and taking him home to kattegatt!
  • tigran__bagХуй пизда
  • ariaki11I am so glad he lives!!
  • christianbclarkPURE AWESOME
  • ajanicoleb@historyvikings great episode!!!! Can't wait till next week!!
  • claquesuusI really wish they would have shown how they prepared Athelstan for the cross... And I can't wait until Ragnar finds Athelstan again... man he's gonna be pissed.
  • gucwaapoor Athelstan :(
  • codyragsThat's joe behind the tree a
  • z4h3rWtf? I'm no specialist but ... recurve bows? Isn't this like the trade mark of the far east archers? I bet vikings used long bows. :(
  • thecaptainswhiskers@z4h3r Vikings used recurve bows as well as long bows. They sailed and travelled as Far East as china, south of Baghdad and the Slavic countries. Who are known to have used recurves.
  • z4h3rI understand. But this is the beginning of the Viking Era. Don't get me wrong, I love the show. I just want it to be as historically correct as possible. And although I accept the fact that Vikings came in contact with eastern people who used recurve bows and started using this type of weapon, I think this happened later. And I also think that the common Viking bow was a long bow hence my disappointment.
  • z4h3rhttp://www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/manufacturing/text/viking_bow.htm
  • blaidd_drewg@z4h3r if you want things to be100% historical fact, instead of just "based" on history, go to the library...Top show, I won't be paying to much attention to the bows or the hats or their shoes for that matter. I will watch, I will enjoy I will watch again...
  • sirslim1this was a AWESOME episode!!
  • islandhollieDear Directors, It is very annoying when you do not actually research something that could just take a dang google search. Also annoying that flipping Christians do not even know basic things about thier own supposed religion. A spike through the hand would have ripped free in hours so actual spike placement is in the section of the wrist in which there is a perfict hole for the spike between 3 large bones and ligaments which would be a secure hold for days. PLEASE love the show hate the stupid. (Also proves when the supposed christians have stigmata since most cut them selves for the bleeding in the palm which sorry idiots but don't you think your "god" would show his wounds correctly? UGH things like this make me madder that the Vikings didn't eradicate that fear, hate and POLITICALLY based "religion".
  • avalanchee_You needa watch this show!😱😱👌👌❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💀💀💀 @sxixm
  • matteno1@imsevimsepem
  • ghas17san@massaai
  • aziiz_sh14@m2jed999
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