playing house (of cards)
  • howsweeteatsplaying house (of cards)

  • betsy25Welcome! Zatinya! Le Diplomat! So delish. Teds bulletin for a good home cooked brunch and boozy milkshakes!
  • cannella88Zengo...Thai chicken empanadas!! Also dangerously delicious pies!!!
  • caityispeachesZarinya! Delicious cocktails 🍸❤️
  • megan__roseMy city!!! Eat your way through ! 🍲🍦🍷
  • charhajCork for an amazing wine section & the best avocado toasts of your life!
  • abeautifulplateYou're like a mile away! 💕
  • mckinneyand_coHit 14th st for dinner/bars!
  • rubyrogue10Yay so close to home:) enjoy DC and hit up ZENGO for brunch if you can!! You won't regret it!! The food is amazing, and their brussels sprouts are TO.DIE.FOR. Call ahead for reservations, they get busy FAST.
  • andi_schauHey! I'll be there next week!
  • ssanborn32Jaleo for amazing Spanish tapas
  • callison1127Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes! Gotta hit up baked and wired. The porked Elvis has your name alllllllll over it 😍
  • ghudson5Welcome to my home! Have fun!
  • ltorpzYou have to go to @societyfair !
  • societyfairWe have caaaaake and piiee! :) @ltorpz
  • makeitnakedRasika crispy spinach. I know it's a vegetable but you HAVE to! Graffiato pepperoni sauce. Two must haves while you're here!! Welcome!
  • cbcatalino@howsweeteats where will you be in DC tomorrow?? I want to meet you!
  • caitlinguyGood stuff! Toasted marshmallow milkshake @howsweeteats this is important!
  • michelle353@michahwee 😃
  • edibleashHa! Chris is in DC :)
  • katydidit830@maddielion87 she's so close to me!!!
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