Right now! Dr. Howard Murad of @muradcares is answering your acne inquiries on #BeautyTalk. Ask him a question!  http://seph.me/1fVEpgJ
  • sephoraRight now! Dr. Howard Murad of @muradcares is answering your acne inquiries on #BeautyTalk. Ask him a question! http://seph.me/1fVEpgJ

  • deeeedlesWhat's the best way to clear black heads and shrink pores?
  • _organicallyhappy__I love Murad products...I would love to sell these products. I've got the best skin of my life in my 30's!!!! I wanna be a rep!!!!!
  • alyssa_palazzoSo happy to sell murad products!!!
  • shannonbrookeI love the blue line by Murad for drying up my oily skin. I've never used a face wash I love this much.
  • abivillacarro💋💙😱🌻
  • tuteishungryI've used murad products before along with tons of other OTC brands. why is it that when I use one product for a while, i always end up breaking out after a couple months - it's like my skin is used to the product and needs something new. it always clears up when I change products - any ideas?
  • getjennarated@tuteishungry go to the doctor and get a medicine like minocycline! It's amazing and tretenion cream too!
  • tuteishungry@getjennarated is this the only solution?
  • koreyraebieberI've had some for years and just started using proactive plus. What could I do too stop the acne
  • vicigracialove Murad products! works like wonder 👍
  • kbailaAbsolutely love Murad products!!! Seriously the only thing that has worked for me!!! Love, love!!
  • matoslacasaWhich moisturizer is safe while pregnant????
  • anudazWhich murad product can help remove my dark eye circles
  • adrilovesmakeuppOmg ! 😍 all I can say to this man is thanks for the awesome Murad acne line !!! I had bad cystic acne years ago and I heard the Murad announcement on the radio and it was the last thing I said I'd ever try ! And it was the best decision ever. Within 6 months I was CLEAR!! My skin purged for a while then in came the new me 😊😊😊👍 thank you Dr Murad 💚 !!!! I'm still clear💚 @sephora @muradcares
  • flora.trinhDon't have acne problems!!! Yay
  • flora.trinhBut thx
  • jeannies74The most important thing when treating acne is to be gentle. Acne is inflammation in your skin. The more you scrub or overwork your skin the more you aggravate it. Plus scrubbing or exfoliating spreads acne bacteria causing more acne. Use a gentle cleanser and products for acne. If your skin gets too dry or peels then use less product or use the products less often. And always use sunscreen. The sun can aggravate skin and make acne worse as well.
  • nancynina@tina_fermano @zena_fermano
  • schmaaaalexx@lizardalvarez !!!
  • farnazz.rezaeii@mamadansar
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