This Saturday the 2014 @redhookcrit kicks off at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. See the full schedule of events over at the Newswire:
  • rockstargamesThis Saturday the 2014 @redhookcrit kicks off at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. See the full schedule of events over at the Newswire:

  • raisin_muffinYet he still bought the game and made his whole profile about it ^^ such hatred, such anger. such words. Wow.
  • landon_medlandEveryone just stop your lucky they put their time in a game for you and all you do is say shit they didnt have to make gta 5 for u they put time and work into a game u want So guys just shut up I bet they have so much more content
  • landon_medlandFor u guys
  • hardhaxer@jdfvckingm True .. WATCH DOGZ
  • righteousgamingFollow me I make GTA 5 vids on youtubec
  • righteousgamingYouTube * need that proper grammar
  • jdfvckingm@peanut458 I bought the game because it is a good game . Well was at first , there was so much more shit that was supposed to be added to the game but rockstar decides not to add it in . So get off my dick :)
  • lucas.rottHeist plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • jaredmatthewjacob@rockstargames I made a couple messenger ally cat races in Gta 5, Also was going to make a redhook crit this weekend. Is there any way you can add the fixed gear bike to online? Same as the story mode Fixter
  • ylari85Heist?
  • ylari85Gta5 ps4 ?
  • gta5pics_2014Gta 5 on ps4?
  • christian1154Plz gta 5 on ps4 😍😍😍
  • _sagittarius_awow a lot of people are worried about GTA V on the next gen console's... I think it might never happen
  • ram13bSoo...I hate to say this but wouldn't a fixed gear video game be the shit? You can be a messenger and have to earn money that way and also enter races and shit. Kind of like skate or tony hawk but with foxes geared bikes!!! Please tell me this is already in the works🙏
  • ram13b@rockstargames
  • ram13bFixed* haha. Foxes may work tho
  • chris_terzian@rockstargames hey u guys have some very good games and stuff but what happened to the midnight club series??? It was a very fun and exciting game for it's time but now we need another one that has even better graphics and a new game engine! I love all of your games and I am a supporter of rockstar but if the midnight club series falls apart I will be very disappointed and so will many other people. So please make another midnight club it's a very fun game and I wish to see more in the series
  • luis_ctu@chris_terzian the developers of midnight club were fired I believe.
  • b.tarawneh.23@chris_terzian I agree
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