How do you use your #DefenderSeries case?
  • otterboxHow do you use your #DefenderSeries case?

  • brandonjj13Not in the water @otterbox
  • hlsteI broke my case yesterday but I ducktaped the two pieces of the outer part together and it still protects. BTW what is your best onepiece case for iPhone5S? @otterbox
  • otterbox@superman_3456 Absolutely!
  • otterbox@kevin_thomas_smith That's great to hear!
  • otterbox@harrisonsillen12 Were you able to contact our CS team to replace your damaged cases? You're welcome to do so. Here's the number: 855.688.7269
  • otterbox@hermandowski77 The best one piece case for iPhone 5s is the Symmetry Series. If you'd like to get your damaged case replaced please call our CS team: 855.688.7269
  • otterbox@b_johnson_5 That's probably a good idea. We have waterproof cases for that.
  • harrisonsillen12Thanks.
  • harrisonsillen12What case would you recommend for the iPhone 4s.
  • otterbox@harrisonsillen12 Have you tried the Reflex Series case? It's tough and slim at the same time, and great for docking.
  • harrisonsillen12Ok thanks..
  • otterbox@jimmy_wallet That's strange. We can try to find your info. Can you email us again?
  • muslimov9My otterbox is just leaking not even working how can I fix that it's supposed to be waterproof
  • t0riskyMy otterbox defender iPhone 5c case is giving me problems the silicone snapped at the bottom I called Otterbox and they sent me an email to take a pic of the case. I emailed it to them and I'm wondering will the warranty be activated and be sent a new silicone part
  • t0riskyAnd I sent my info to them
  • otterbox@_muslimov_8 Please give our CS team a call for some troubleshooting: 855.688.7269
  • otterbox@simpleboystory If you sent in all the required information we'll certainly send you a replacement. You'll receive a confirmation email when the order is placed.
  • t0riskyThanks
  • _jobo_12I love my otterbox defender for my ipod 5. I love the punk colours. I just got it yesterday.
  • ayden_manningI have the same case for my ipad its the best
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