Jonathan Bernier starts in net for the #Leafs tonight. #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsJonathan Bernier starts in net for the #Leafs tonight. #TMLtalk

  • kooljfreshfirephaneuf
  • jamesdimarco7@bozie42 kick phaneufs ass hes playing like a little bitch
  • nick.i.mitchell@jamesdimarco7 nailed it
  • _hail.16PHANEUF ROCKS! its him or lupul and lupul would not do the team any good
  • ______cat_______I will Mary Bernier
  • jamesdimarco7@bozak_kessel_42_81 youre right phauneufs a rock, he doesnt move like a fuckin pylon
  • tsteve77Man the leafs may be in a funk and as fans we can either point out the flaws in the team or we can just pump the boys up for the next game ahead of them!! With that said LETS GO LEAFS!! Kick some red wing ass!
  • ___jennings____Bunch of fucking bums what a disgraceful hockey team, have the most fans in the world and can't even pull up there socks drop from third to tenth what a joke time to burn the fucking jerseys I'm 21 years a loser can't believe I stood behind this team for so long would rather cheer for the sabers...
  • mishoc#fireNONIS
  • danielpriddle.91@___jennings____ shut up
  • darreeebearYou all disappoint us year and after year. A lot of us are getting fed up. Time to start making some changes.
  • _deleted___bye73947Don't listen to darreebear dum dum over here I love you guys I believe that you are getting better. you made the playoffs last year and you will do better this year
  • coneshovelBeen a fan for 41 years, I quit……Leafs suck plain and simple bunch of losers
  • oli_hache#leafsuck
  • hrdazz68# overpaidlosers. #47yearsofnotcomingclose
  • serena_hagerYou are my fav bozak . You met my friend Emma
  • jaredcable_Last time I checked you never even came close to getting drafted so I don't really think you should be talking bud @hrdazz68
  • hrdazz68#jaredthecableguy. Last time I checked I didn't need to be drafted to make a statement about a hockey team. Especially one that makes the most money in the NHL and gives there fans shit in return. Oh and I ain't your bud
  • ___jennings____@nhl_ahl_shl lol I got my own opinion bud, go fuck yourself
  • elenatrifonovvaInstead of writing a paragraph I'll just say GO LEAFS GO
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