Had to try @epicseed after hearing about it from @paleoschmaleo delicious!! (Disclaimer: not strict paleo because of the dairy)
  • paleomgHad to try @epicseed after hearing about it from @paleoschmaleo delicious!! (Disclaimer: not strict paleo because of the dairy)

  • muscle_nerd251@chhabriaamani no but I may this weekend
  • picsfromthecam@muscle_nerd251 Ok if you do, let me know how it tastes!
  • pattyaoI need this in my life. I must go to whole foods @kellya1214
  • carrieroveHahaha. That was entertaining! :D
  • happiness.is.contagiousLooks yummo!
  • jessdhatfieldI almost bought this today! Is it worth it?
  • mrstkimball@paleomg I'm glad you said that about the chia pods! I've wanted to try them but have been skeptical. Too bad I can't have dairy!!!!
  • nataliee_cw@tyratroutner
  • seeingthesmallstuffHoly crap, make your own choices people. If you want to go 100% paleo, do it. You're not paying to follow someone's IG account and getting ripped off because they dare post something not paleo on it, you're following it because you want to. And if you don't want to, stop whining and unfollow. It's not that frigging hard to work out.
  • thegood_mattmeyerThat's my shit @haleyit
  • devinkboydAHAHAHHA! Heard that @thecraftysith
  • bziegs1@joanderson23 get over it. It's about a world class athlete sharing her eating and recipes with the world. No one is here to hand you a paleo lifestyle, you do that on your own. So get over it. @paleomg owes you nothing. Go somewhere else if you aren't getting what you want.
  • paleomg@jmewoof @joanderson23 @kpies sorry these posts confuse you guys so much. My website posts 99% paleo recipes, 1% primal recipes. On my Instagram, I share foods that work for my body so others can enjoy those things too. If you're confused in the future, you can go to my website paleomg.com for strict paleo recipes, then it takes all the questioning out of it.
  • muscle_nerd251@chhabriaamani I just thought about it.... Aren't u lactose intolerant (probably spelled wrong)??
  • picsfromthecam@muscle_nerd251 Can't believe you remember that! I am! I'm just interested in knowing how this mixture tastes though.
  • picsfromthecam@muscle_nerd251 Oh and you spelled it right lol.
  • aeromegIsn't the beauty of living a paleo lifestyle is you eat what works best for you're body?! I have friends who don't eat eggs because they are sensitive to them. I only do a little grassfed butter as far as dairy goes because dairy upsets my tummy. If dairy doesn't upset @paleomg why can't she have it? People need to chill, don't like her posts because she's not 100% strict paleo then click the unfollow button! She clearly puts down "this is not paleo"
  • sarah_c_777Well that was entertaining 😊
  • thepudgyowlI feel like this is comparable to airbrushing models for magazines. If people are made to believe that is how models look in real life, it makes "regular" people feel inferior and like they are failures when they don't look like that. Same thing for paleo- if someone promotes 100% paleo 100% of the time, it makes followers feel like failures when they eat the occasional non-paleo item. It's unrealistic and makes ppl feel like 💩 for no reason. I love that you keep it real @paleomg ! It makes this lifestyle enjoyable rather than so critical! Thank you!!
  • laurie80_gettingfit@jennysara11 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Yes!
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