We love Cryo-Cell. Mainly because they expertly store our son's stem cells, but also because they consider @jennyandteets2 and I a celebrity couple. #babybiggs
  • biggsjasonWe love Cryo-Cell. Mainly because they expertly store our son's stem cells, but also because they consider @jennyandteets2 and I a celebrity couple. #babybiggs

  • thelaurenisaacsYou should have donated the cord blood to someone who needs it.
  • julflintNot a scam. We did it too!
  • lovinlebon31I don't understand. Sounds like something from the start of a horror movie!
  • nroe74I stored my 2 child's cord blood. Hope we don't need it but like the idea it's there.
  • morgane_rehaumeGlad ur saving his stem cells but sad you didn't keep his genitals intact...should have done your research on that too!
  • jen__ben__mama@intactivist_uncensored amen!!!
  • jen__ben__mamaHopefully, Sid grows up to hate his parents for what they have done to his penis, against his will. #parentingfail
  • stef6385Saved his son's stem cells, not his fused foreskin. #facepalm
  • red6498@jen__ben__mama @stef6385 @intactivist_uncensored who are you to judge??? #judgementalbitches
  • lashlyndResearch delayed/optimal cord clamping. Baby actually needs all his cord blood at birth.
  • rcorral27@jen__ben__mama you don't have a penis so stfu. Go somewhere else with your banter.
  • vanderwowpartyof3He will sure be glad he has his stem cells saved if he winds up with painful erections when he is older because you made a choice to remove a part of his body without his permission. #notyourchoicetomake I really hope he isn't one of the hundreds of babies that lose their LIFE because of this cosmetic procedure each year. Look it up... It happens 😔.
  • jen_ben_mama@j__e__and__me__ :(
  • callyjoartI mostly just like that you follow some great artists!! Who knew you were so into art. Love it
  • bunnysweat_@stef6385 @jen_ben_mama @intactivist_uncensored you guys are amazing. Face palm seriously. Who cares who has a penis or not- human rights violations are everyone's cause.
  • elena_bok@callyjoart can you please recommend me some great artists here?
  • bethkboldingUgh, THOSE people showed up. Your baby, your choices.
  • elliotwhite@morgane_rehaume @jen__ben__mama @amyvanderwow I hope one day all of are told how shitty you are at parenting because you don't share the same views as another. Grow up, assholes.
  • amandajohnson92You all are acting like this couple is a bunch of psychos who just randomly decided to cut off their kid's foreskin... that is literally one of the most common things ever, get the fuck over it. It's not your kid, they're not your family or your friends. YOUR kid is probably going to hate YOU when he gets made fun of one day for having a weird looking dick
  • jaimekins1117Where the fuck do you people even see that the baby's foreskin was cut off. Cord blood is so amazing we did it. I'm damn happy we have the ability to do that in today's fucked up world. I hope the people that knock this shit don't ever need it.
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