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  • taraandjohnnyRemember this day @NBCOlympics ? We can't believe how fast our first Olympics together passed! But it wouldn't have been possible without all of your support. We truly appreciate it..you made us very happy. Now onward and upward for #TaraandJohnny

  • phamtuanh@tiffanie_nhi
  • crystal_ms4@lisa_rowbo
  • abperry3What's next you two?!
  • detroit_kim_Keep us posted on what's up next for you two! Whatever it is, I know it will be great!!!
  • vegimamaHope you host the Oscars?????
  • gracyracyVery entertaining team & so exciting on the eyes. ♥♥♡♥♥
  • mlheatonYou two were the best part of Olympic coverage! You should have your own show!
  • alla_nyNice russian accent, Johnny. You are guys are awesome.
  • jh1109923Love you two so much! Thank you for taking us a journey to Sochi!
  • iceskating71I will miss u both I'm kinda sad wierd bc I don't know u personally but u both have a genuineness that is very wonderful thanks for the laughs tara I was upset at u over u beating Michelle Kwan but u have won me over u are awesome take care
  • siristlouis@canyoubennott when ballet becomes an Olympic event we'll totally be these type of commentators 💁🐩
  • livingoahuLove you!! #delawarerepresent
  • imdingxuelove you!
  • nikitinafotoВэри найс эксент, Джонни)
  • mary11214Johnny, I know you speak some Russian. Why didn't you show it on tv?
  • julius_c_cruella@katharine2209 mày coa đồng ý với tao là hai chị em mẻ ngồi cái tướng rất eo nghèo không :))
  • nikitunesI just love you two. That is all. @taraandjohnny stole the Olympic show!!!
  • yogi1che1You guys need a tv show or something. I love u guys. :)
  • rainbeauxbright@therealreginaphalange
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