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  • mariahcarey500 hours of beauty school start now 

  • daisybagnoThe second diva ever ms. Monroe😻😻😻😻😻@mariahcarey
  • x0babydollx0Cute
  • sheiskatPrecious
  • mattyann2Awww
  • je_suis_anastasia_beaverhausenToo old for a pacifier
  • t_russ27@bee_boughetto Doctors now saying age limit for a pacifier is now 3. Regardless, kids are going to need braces anyway. And it's what make the child and parent comfortable. People always have some negative shit to say... 😔
  • eli_and_landons_mommyIt don't matter what the doctors say or other people for that matter it's her child if she wants her to have a pacifier she can. Stop in judging
  • hotsauce37Amen!! Why do ppl following ppl to talk shit?! I dont kno if ill ever understand the stoopidity of it. Get a life.
  • rosyireland☺️🌻💜💋
  • ixorvThis is so crazy! Omg! Like people who aren't even famous do this. Why pick on her family
  • jennolove_luvsu23@chrisbangin no fake docror boo they are saying if you have a child the best time to stop the pacifier if they want the children teeth to grow in properly you should take away the pacifier at 3 if you have NOT ALREADY DONE SO MOST PARENTS STOP WHEN THEY TURN 1 OR 2 .... BUT IF YOU HAVENT YOU NEED TO STOP BY THE AGE 3because it gives your childs teeth to grow properly for 2 years before the age of 5 AND GUYS if she want that baby still sucking on that thing leeetttt her geesh
  • geraldina923Ugh shut the fuck up it's her baby ... So what if she still uses a pacifier wtf
  • usnoutIt's about the feet
  • deeloc87My son used his till he was 2. Bit again he's my baby. So what if they still use a paci! Why is that the topic of discussion, not our business
  • angel7nin3So what if she uses a pici her parents have bank to fix her teeth.
  • treller22Every body shut the fuck up about the pacifier just suck Mariah's toes and mine your bizzness bitches lol
  • realtimemariahWow! Monroe good luck! I love you!
  • kristinaplus2ORLY is a good top coat for ur toe nails (the polish baby girl has) btw swerve haters
  • _charvezjohnsonNo graduation dayyyy for meeeee
  • _charvezjohnsonBecause I'm a beauty school drop out
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