I love the park Too
  • diddyI love the park Too

  • mikiigee@bosslady7699 lol real shit people be low key jealous you said the truth tho
  • dasha_188😭😭👍👍👍👯
  • lobel_photographyFamily first
  • samanthaluvslifeThis pic looks odd the way the little girls are on their laps /:
  • softest_place_onearthOnly a crack head bitch, w/low self esteem and daddy issues wld find this pic odd. Were you @samanthaluvslife molested as a child?
  • chefslyarocksWtf the man is enjoying the park..wild!!! This world is so corrupted with negative...
  • chefslyarocks@iamdiddy
  • alwaysashleyfChance shines!
  • mrs.ndjones@iamdiddy my dad use to do the same thing! It brought tears to my eyes, this is what fatherhood is all about. You're setting the standard high for them. They will grow up knowing how a man is suppose to treat a lady. They won't fall for bullshit. Keep it in a positive light.
  • softest_place_onearth@samanthaluvslife bitch you are denial... Who can turn something so innocent as a daddy spending time w/his daughters into something perverted. No one but a crack head hoe, that was molested and turn to tricking to feel wanted. You're a bitch w/low self esteem that need a hug.
  • lovemisspytThis picture is love and all of you who are leaving negative comments obviously do not know what that is!
  • h.ewpThis is so cute
  • honeyshandmadeBeautiful! @iamdiddy
  • themayweatherYou guys are sad and pathetic. If Diddy didn't trust the man his daughter wouldn't be on him obviously. It's all about respect. And clearly if you're posting anything negative and can't keep that ish to yourself you have none. And besides I'm sure the other baby girl wanted to do what her sister was doing. Every one else... Get a life.
  • sash_sasha♥ it
  • missi_anneThe world needs to save the little girls.
  • lil_rochLove dis pic 👌👏💞💞
  • a_becker14Aww :)
  • piaarrobio@greginyourface
  • __daidreaming🙌
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