East Room. Guess who will sit here during the entertainment at the Governors Ball.
  • petesouza44East Room. Guess who will sit here during the entertainment at the Governors Ball.

  • manj_sennShouldn't it say "Mr" President ??
  • _seeon_Jhon Karry.+_+
  • pintaadaptorMitt Romney
  • pintaadaptorJohn McCain
  • kyle_23davisNope @manj_senn
  • kyle_23davisNo they hate patriotic people like me. Because unlike the sheeple I will die fighting for this country @twittemus
  • knameone^^said the Christian with guns #wompwomp
  • dagomaticThe best one...
  • sky_s_homeMr President himself
  • knameonehahah relax you have too much time; responding to everyone here. I need no cloak I am who I am unlike a Christian wielding weapons, I don't go to church then jump into my diesel science built. @kyle_23davis #cmondunny
  • dalskipsYou all realize this is thee account of a photographer, right? He has nothing to do with policy or political games. He takes photos.
  • kyle_23davisWhat's wrong with protecting the ones you love. Nothing. Jump into my diesel science built you are making no sense at all. When guns are used by good people, good people are saved and bad people are stopped its that simple @knameone
  • trgartin@kyle_23davis You might not have the only interpretation. Reading on in that passage...The disciples take it literally and say "here are two swords" and Jesus tells them to shut up. He was invoking the fulfillment of the Lord's judgment day (cf Joel 3) in the event of his execution. Luke's purpose with this is to show how Jesus fulfills the prophets and the disciples only come to understand this when he explains it to them on the road to Emmaus. There is a huge narrative arc and theological arc that you cheapen when you use defenseless verses as proof texts for your own political views. That's not to say you're wrong or that I disagree with your position, but Scripture ain't your bitch. Respect it.
  • kyle_23davisI do respect it and #molonlabe #wearethe99percent #2a #dtom @trgartin
  • california_alwaysGreat hues
  • adammacgwizAwesome shot, thanks for sharing
  • lasselyhneI'm not sure, but mu guess will be... The president?
  • tailsof3dogs@dingoandthebaby here is the photographer I told you about. Check out his pics.
  • wtbrg@petesouza you should have made the intro for House of Cards. An intro that currently looks like something out of an english tv-series. I love the stilleben-kind-of-style with a 'touch' of human :)
  • emptypapiHa Gay
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