RIP Rainbow.
  • drewbphotoRIP Rainbow.
  • jamie__bOh no!!!!!! :(.
  • brandilouwho:(
  • jennifersimmonsphotos😭😭
  • daintyfairyprincess😔
  • thedavidsOh no!
  • kweb99So sad!
  • sewlindsaysewSo sad, but I love the commemorative photo. Reminds me of the Cosby show episode where the fish dies and Cliff makes the whole family attend a funeral in the bathroom! I think it's one of the first episodes.
  • esouza14Poor kid doesn't have the best of luck with his fishies. 😞
  • suncindy30Fish don't last longer then a week in our house. Poor buddy.
  • picturecrazymomma:(
  • domesticatedcombatbootsWe have a fish that refuses to die. We bought a baby betta fish 2 years ago..,we rarely change his water....forget to feed him.,..he just keeps living on....
  • texheather@domesticatedcombatboots My betta fish won't die either. My daughter's, on the other hand, won't stay alive. Same food, same water changing, etc. Go figure. But the pet store lady told me bettas can live in as little as 2 inch deep water and can actually breathe air. They're hardy little suckers.
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