Yaaaaaas!! Today is national margarita day!! Get your GNO and enjoy Girls Night Out!! #GNO #MARGARITA #DRANK #BARCHIX @barchix
  • itowandabraxtonYaaaaaas!! Today is national margarita day!! Get your GNO and enjoy Girls Night Out!! #GNO #MARGARITA #DRANK #BARCHIX @barchix

  • fashiongal28@_luckykeisha get yo drunk om
  • shellz0605@mangored_ @fanmdouce @_bellefanm @rozayrose07
  • goodlifedreamerLol the negativity on @itowandabraxton ig is ridiculous towanda live your life and enjoy it. I send nothing but peace and love you way
  • itowandabraxtonSeriously people.....PLEASE stay off my page if your going to be rude or make #wack (in a bad way) comments....I PROMISE the comments will be deleted....
  • ghost_skater_Yay.....#turnt #THANKU
  • itowandabraxton@ikirkout 😘💋
  • everyday_im_sparklin@itowandabraxton u tell them girl!!!!
  • laguerrejessThis is insane! Family business is families business. No one is perfect. Let her live. Any way @itowandabraxton erase them all girl and live learn and love life.
  • zakiyyah321@haybabes220 @caramel_kisses0603 national margarita day
  • theblacknoonaspeaksPeople should understand it's just a reality show. No matter what at the end of the day these ladies are sisters who love each other. Chill with the rude comments it's getting quite childish and immature.
  • misssassy46@itowandabraxton I LOVE the way you and your sisters have each other back no matter what.
  • thebayoubabe@itowandabraxton Thanks for allowing us into your lives. Sane people understand that your family is HUMAN and everyday isn't sunshine. I'm just glad to see positive black females in our world. The classless have taken over. So hold your head high Ms. Braxton and walk away like a BOSS.
  • tashaluvsjoeyCan you post a link to where I can order that or info about where it is sold? Thanks love xoxoxo
  • peacefulbeauty2016You look gorgeous
  • 4evertashieWhere can I purchase it?
  • 73kauinohea91Looks yummy where could I find it??
  • quan_90@itowandabraxton good afternoon gorgeous! I wanted to first say, before conducting business May God bless you as he always does for everything you have done thus far in your life and what you have plan for the future. I wanted to send you over a few proposals to your agency and camp about a few upcoming projects & events, so how could we go about communication? Once again thanks for your time and have a blessed day!
  • itowandabraxton@quan_90 iamzo@me.com
  • quan_90@itowandabraxton sent. I wanted to send you my email address with my direct line, so we could go straight to business because you would be the perfect individual along with a few others in mind to take off, what method of contact on my end, would you prefer direct line or via email Ms. Towanda? I apologize for going you Ms it's just a level of respect I have.
  • feliciakimbrough36Hi Towanda I did not no you came out with a liquor line.. That is wonderful can't wait to try it.. Tell Toni, Traci, Trina, Tamar, and Mommy hello.
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