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  • taraandjohnnyToday we wear....floral and fauna #taraandjohnny

  • lisabonita37I can never find you on a schedule, damn it. Love you both,💄❤️👠😎👛
  • lnewberry8So sad that you weren't featured more on nbc :( I even went searching online to watch some of your commentary but can't find them anywhere. LOVED you both on interviews with Bob C. Wish they showed more coverage with this dynamic duo
  • lnewberry8Even more bummed they didn't show you two and the entire gala as one segment... :/
  • non_sequitursLove that you got Terry to play along! Great job, you guys!
  • sina.rikehaha terry!! 😄 love the flowers ❤️
  • fusciaYes! What you did for Terry and all of us magic sparkles. I want to make a movie about your escapades in Sochi
  • hilarydowwardThis was funny!
  • joym13I love that you got Terry involved!
  • nelcha_crossAbsolutely Fabulous --- Had a Hard time locating you on ANY Schedule, make them GIVE US your broadcast schedule next time, OK ? You are BOTH too much fun to Miss *Hugs* and Thanks for Sharing So Much with Us 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕…
  • carlabumsteadI never actually look up celebs on social media ... never ... but I just can't help loving you ... the whole team .... Terrence too!
  • twinkletwinklelittleskyYou guys need your own tv show like really!!!!!!
  • delusionaldarcyBravo needs to give you two a reality show. It would also help keep figure skating in the spotlight @NBCTV
  • cinemastereo@delusionaldarcy Agreed! That would be an amazing show and would be so good for the sport!
  • shorhondaIt's nice to see Terry Gannon play along. You guys are fantastic together. I can't wait to see what you do next!
  • shorhondaOh and just so you know I taped the live figure skating during the day and watched it at night just so I could see you both and hear your commentary.
  • steybb@chelsea_kinch
  • insta_millie_Ahhhhh I love this. .... #supriseending
  • klagardner88@go4hockey this one!!!
  • mtjasa@leonellca drsalci smo posebna klasa ;)
  • leonellca@mtjasa hehehehe mislm da ste kr tam tam z namj plesalci hahha 😜🙈❤️
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