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  • dan_townleyThe face on Hernandez. Little bitch.

  • iamdai😢
  • dan_townley@iamdai he can piss off for all I care. The knob.
  • g_ry_mufcFuck him
  • kaylakilbridexxFUCK YOU
  • dan_townley@kaylakilbridexx if you honestly think he's done nothing wrong I despair. He has been a bell end most of this season. Bout time we got rid of the dead weight.
  • almubarak_hassan@ch14_instagram
  • g_ry_mufc@kaylakilbridexx FUCK
  • dooodi_happyNot little ..big bitch
  • yl_ksaIsn't he fist-pumping the other player?
  • andresr_88Pilla el gesto de chicharito... le dio rabia q van persie hiciera gol jajaja @gtouchie
  • majestic_mexican14@dan_townley i agree that this shouldnt be his reaction but then again im not surprised he did it. Chicharito has saved manchester uniteds ass soo many times. He has done so much for the club. 50+ goals in less tham 4 years while being a benchwarmer. He wants minutes on the field, he wants to represent mexico in the world cup. Tell me how will he get prepared? He cant if he doesnt have mibutes when he deserves minutes to prove moyes wrong.
  • dan_townley@majestic_mexican14 I agree, he has saved us but there's no way he's getting minutes ahead of van Persie, Rooney, Mata or Januzaj. He could've handed in a transfer request or asked to go out on loan!
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