Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. - Alfred Austin
  • jason_mrazShow me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. - Alfred Austin

  • jenrosenstein@jason_mraz LOVE that my LOVE piece found a new home. Xo
  • amyliangli来中国吧😄
  • giuliagziYou❤️
  • good2thaionlineFantastic!!
  • sotnasnosajyou're the reason I want to have a garden myself :)
  • dongdoudou__dddThree years .I love you in china
  • sprmlr831Then I would be "dead." I swear I can't grow a vegetable to save my life. But someone has to support the farmer's markets.
  • gloriapowersi am Gloria E Powers.
  • know, I'm one in a million people to say this and this probably means nothing to you. But my names charlotte and ever since i was about 3 i knew i wanted to sing. And i went to florida a while ago and heard 'im yours' on the radio. I loved it so much i memorized all the words to it. Now i know all your songs and listen to them all the time and can't stop! But i went through some 'hard' kinda thing a while ago and so i listened to your music because that always helps. And you kinda (not personally but theoretically) got me through that. Thank you for always being there when i need your music the most. Adios amigo
  • mehmetcelikyayLove in the garden 🎉🎉🎉
  • katrinatoo@xianlin ❤️
  • helloelowe@dominicpaquet @martiknowz les ptit jardins que je veuuuux😁😁
  • 35mmike@elowee_btls trop pennard 😋
  • jeanderbyHave you ever grown artichokes? We tried but then found out we are in the wrong zone. @jason_mraz even in summer it's too cold for chokes in ny
  • itsa_cristinaI'm so excited that spring is here that I wet my plants! @jason_mraz
  • flory_tReally ?
  • msmegamind@romain_debuys
  • nmel_torres@denisecaroline_ as clear you can see that jason and I are basically one, this is our ideal little garden in the backyard of our little STUDIO not box
  • carodeni_Lol he is definitely made for you , you just need to let him know 😉 @melissa_nora26
  • jadson.kLove, love, love ❤
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