Gravel is the new road, so we heard.
  • bikehuggerGravel is the new road, so we heard.

  • wiredchuckA cyclist friend of mine says gravel bikes are the bike industry's way of selling roadies the bike they should have bought to begin with...
  • bikehuggerThat maybe true if there were bikes for gravel, but a ti cross bike is ideal or a dropbar Mtb.
  • notaficusI would love to see a post talking about the real differences between road, cyclocross and gravel bikes outside of different tires. As a fair-weather commuter and weekend warrior, what does it mean for my subset?
  • alancanfieldBeen riding sand and dirt roads in the winter for 15 years. Great alternative to windy roads and short singletrack.
  • bikehuggerJust used this on the Crux and bam they're great
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