Spotted: Sun-bathing beauty Sofia Vergara on the set of Modern Family with a (Summer!) Petal Paisley Beach Towel!
  • verabradleySpotted: Sun-bathing beauty Sofia Vergara on the set of Modern Family with a (Summer!) Petal Paisley Beach Towel!

  • audreymckmooreIve seen it on the show before!
  • manatica62Viva Colombia!!! Viva Vera Bradley!!!
  • cyliewyattIs it odd that I think her teeth are just gorgeous!? I mean she is beautiful but what a gorgeous smile!!! And what an adorable towel!!
  • sesesety8615I can't wait for that pattern to come out! Super gorgeous!
  • malloryniicoleUmm.. CUTE!!
  • abbyhonold@mollydances yes!! Watched this happen
  • charloj98Love that pattern!! Can't wait till it is out!, is that pattern coming out in summer ? 😃
  • police911johni do not love it
  • eiffletoriI have a question I was wondering if y'all discontinued the Lola pattern because that's my favorite on and I won't get any more Lola till my birthday in April @verabradley
  • kimbernoelle0927When do the summer patterns come out? I love this!
  • kelliersalehSince they are filming this here in Australia, & Vera Bradley is being used in the show, any chance you might open a store in Australia?
  • ccrimmins50on your website i cant find anything in petal paisley! @verabradley
  • maggz817@eiffletori lola is being retired, but it isn't gone yet. It is currently on sale in all vera stores.
  • maggz817@ccrimmins50 petal paisley hasn't actually come out yet in stores.
  • charloj98I saw that episode in modern family there were going to Australia and I spotted Vera Bradley beach towels one in petal pasiley and flower shower and even the backpack in Lili bell! 😀 love modern family and Vera bradley!!!!!
  • sara.giallanzaWhen ever they do pool or beach scenes in modern family I always see Vera towel and bags and I am always fan girling when is see Vera stuff cuz I am just like, "OMG I HAVE THE SAME THING!!!!!"
  • imariachavezThings fast @melissa.chavez14 😂😂😂
  • brooklynfiscusI have that same pattern in a LOT of things
  • withsteph@kayli.anne 😀😊
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