• instagramFor Guatemala Instagrammer José Pablo Anleu (@jpanleu), the people he follows on Instagram are a constant source of inspiration. Inspired by the communities around the world he saw gather for InstaMeets, José Pablo decided to gather Guatemala Instagrammers together and kickstart an Instagram community just in time for the eighth Worldwide InstaMeet. "I stumbled upon fellow Guatemalan Instagrammer Carlos Castañeda (@monodelespacio), met him in person and found a great friend to go and shoot with. We started going out and taking shots and had so much fun in the process that we wanted to replicate this in a bigger scale," he explains. Together, they organized the first meet-up in Guatemala just in time for the eighth Worldwide InstaMeet. Encouraged by that gathering, they organized a larger meet soon after that attracted over 140 Guatemala Instagrammers!

    Looking to organize a meet of your own? José Pablo shares a few tips from his experience: Plan ahead and scout out a location where people will have fun taking creative photos and videos, then let your group have enough freedom to be spontaneous and play. Have members of your local Instagram community share information about your InstaMeet in advance to help boost awareness. Finally, put people first: "Something I learned from this meet is that community is first on Instagram. The pictures are beautiful evidence of the good times shared with like-minded individuals." Photo by @wongraphy

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