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  • otterbox#SeriouslyWaterproof. Now that's something to smile about.

  • deko28Sweet thanks
  • alexma2005@otterbox I would love to win this waterproof case! My 2 year old son and nephew are starting their first swimming lessons this summer and it would be amazing to be able to catch all the great moments on video. If I had my new iphone 5s in a waterproof otterbox case I would be able to catch all the moments that normal a phone wouldn't be able to! I love otterbox, always have always will!!
  • otterbox@big_dreams__13 We don't have a #PreserverSeries available for the 4s at the moment but we'll be sure to let you know if anything new comes up!
  • otterbox@joyride_150_rocks We don't have any waterproof options for the 5c at the moment but we'll be sure to notify you if anything comes up!
  • ericbroadwell@otterbox I got my preserver case and I like it a lot.... I think I will never use another case again
  • otterbox@ericbroadwell We're so glad you're loving it!
  • jeepfanatic_1Y'all never have any cases for all the iPhone models; you go for the more "superior" models first, and it's not fair for those of us who have phones like the iPhone 5C; those who have an iPhone 5S have all the best case options, and those of us who have the iPhone 5C don't. Not fair; make the cases at the same time.
  • jeepfanatic_1(I still like y'all's cases, tho)
  • malonerobertsthere is no telling how many times I've dropped my phone on concrete. but thanks to my otter box, there is not even a dent!! otter box saved my phone and me having to save up for a new one!! thanks so much!!
  • jacobmahoney_Preech. I got a 5c. @noahtribley1
  • otterbox@maloneroberts Sounds like we're a great pair!
  • otterbox@noahtribley1 Thanks for the feedback. We'll keep you updated on any additions to the iPhone 5c line of cases.
  • njshoremom4gurlzLove that color
  • annasantosThe sales lady told me to remove my phone's screen protector before I put it in my Preserver. Was that really necessary?
  • annasantos@otterbox
  • kyng_georgeCan you guys make the preserver series for IPod 5G
  • spence.c.87Can you guys make a waterproof case for the iPhone 5S?
  • bella.zecchiniFor the iPhone 5c?
  • naturallyteeee@love_stori
  • reedofjohnsCan u make a camo 5c case, the reason it would sell is because the iPhone 5 was taken off the market before people could buy it so we had to settle for 5c, because the 5s was stupid and a lot more money, sooooo yall need a camo 5s 👍👍
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