I guess you could call it a "Good Dress Day" lol!
  • christiebrinkleyI guess you could call it a "Good Dress Day" lol!

  • 016jbk016🍊🍊🍊🍊 🍰😋
  • starrmatt1111I'd say an amazing dress day!!!!! And the hair!!!!! Gorg
  • jheri137Please tell me you have had work done it would make me feel better lol !!!
  • elidivoSmoking HOT! When you were in your early 30's you were at the peak of your modeling career unlike most models that are on their way out of the business even before 30, back then you looked like you were 18 and now that you're 60 you look like you're 30. Flawless! Beauty also comes from within and you look happy and radiant. Congratulations! @christiebrinkley
  • nataliedrougas🔟🔟 Perfect @christiebrinkley
  • elle_tee_seeNow that's the kind of tabloid headline worth a look. Congratulations. :)
  • melissalee_3@jheri137 I read in her recent People Magazine interview, that she visits her dermatologist monthly. She said there are noninvasive options available without surgery. I think her honesty is refreshing and wonderful!..such a beauty and the epitome of class.
  • anna_raphaelLol
  • girlytechie@elidivo that is so true!
  • shaosheaGreat dress day. A perfect look.
  • ____kyla____What is this dress @christiebrinkley where can u buy it?
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