It's growing! #naturalhair #growbabygrow Any natural hair growing tips?
  • tiamowryIt's growing! #naturalhair #growbabygrow Any natural hair growing tips?

  • honeyscurlsDeep conditioning hair with egg is supposed to help with growth. I honestly feel like after doing it a couple times my hair felt longer. I usually do 2 egg yolks and 1 whole egg and leave it on my hair anywhere between 30 min and 3 hrs. It will make your hair super shiny and bouncy too. It's honestly a life saver!!
  • tavialove_Try the Hairfinity pills . They work wonders ! They grow your hair out so fast ! 🙌💕
  • love_jmv_👍 I joined the natural route too
  • melbcouturePlenty of deep condish with fav oils like evoo or coconut oil. Keep ends trimmed.
  • adore_mar@tiadmowry hairfinity pills @hairfinity
  • milaxs3@manetabolism vitamins
  • destimeAll natural oils and any product from @themanechoice
  • luvdesimonique@ash_divastar don't manipulate too much means don't keep messing with it. Once it's styled leave it alone until you're ready for a new style. Natural hair strains are so weak you don't want to cause more breakage.
  • just_being_me85Hairfinity!!!!!!!!!!
  • staypositivequeen@_lexxiieeee can any age take the pills?
  • dietdopeinstead of shampoo I use Braggs apple cider vinegar. it works great. & Shea moisture Restorative Conditioner. great for bringing back your curl pattern.
  • jkt823Use Hairfinity pills!! I also think im your long lost triplet :)
  • tlivehealthTry @themanechoice great product .. ,Awesome results
  • mskaitlynlillyCondition condition condition.
  • shes_royal85Keep hair moisturized. Natural hair loves moisture. @tiadmowry
  • thesweetest_drugwash at least once a week, iAlso cowash once a week 😊 & the least you tamper with it, the more it grows .. that's the reason protective styles (like braids and twists) produce so much new growth ... because you're not bothering your hair as much and it can grow more freely 😘😘 hope this helps, love
  • naniloayPatience...
  • thereal.k.monae@taylorlynnwilliams love her hair
  • __tlwOmg I love that too , @keidyredd 😘
  • nicollepasquelTalk to it. Love it. Embrace it.
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