I'm hurting , but I'll be better soon. Can only get better from here. Hope you are good @crtwotwo
  • hartluckI'm hurting , but I'll be better soon. Can only get better from here. Hope you are good @crtwotwo

  • tartar623Maybe he'd grt better if he would stop butt raping his children every other day, you think im satanic hes the one he helped jerry sanduski rape all those kids#childrape
  • rickydoyal@orphankiller125 you're a sick fuck. You should be expecting a message from Instagram.
  • hockeylover23@hartluck Get Well Soon from SLC! I love the way you admire your wife and kid!!!!
  • darcie727Here's to a quick recovery!
  • dangerous66The garage is calling
  • sherri72777Still handsome as ever!! Your wife is one lucky girl...just as lucky as you are to have her! Cheers to a quick recovery!
  • b_landin❤💋
  • laney1_4Oh my god I hope your ok
  • rachlizzie81All the best for your recovery :)
  • mummad21Get well soon, at least you have a good wife to look after you :-)
  • brooksta04Speedy recovery Carey 👍😊
  • melinda2Polk 99o9oooooo0ooooo9o99oo 9lllll99
  • melinda2000ll
  • angie_sensing@hartluck I had a similar fusion almost 4 years ago and it was the best choice I have ever made! It's hell to recover from,
  • angie_sensing@hartluck but if you take the advice of your doctors, you will feel like a new man! Sorry you are in so much pain! Wishing you the best!
  • miss_sia23@hartluck Get well soon! You have an amazing family, please try and have more kids, you guys seem like amazing parents. Bigger is always better! 😊💪💪🍵⭐️⭐️😊😊
  • gabby_canetteA healing pain is better than an ongoing pain.💚
  • rdandenStill looking good.
  • radiowendyRemember when I had my back fused about 5 years ago? I STILL walk with a cane when I overdue it! Take care babe
  • southxofxheaven@hartluck Can you recommend a good surgeon?
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