Loves me some Aussie Beach!!!
#ForThoseAboutToRock! @batmansmom #waitingforbatmansmom! @mikedirntshomies @thebeachinSydney
  • mikedirntLoves me some Aussie Beach!!!
    #ForThoseAboutToRock! @batmansmom #waitingforbatmansmom! @mikedirntshomies @thebeachinSydney

  • xkid_of_suburbia13Have fun. :-)
  • chanellelochrieHey Mike... I made a guitar account, idk u might like it...even tho u probably wont read this, i would be really happy if you looked at it. its called @guitars__
  • erasitechnisMike, you're so cool dude! I love you! Russia loves you. Come to us, guys<3
  • teneedavisPlay Greek Theatre in Berkeley again Mike 👻 !
  • franlou.xHey Mike :)
  • behindthesecrets2105Hey Mike. I was wondering if you your could fallow me because Billy didn't and that kind of bummed me out a bit because green day is my favourite band and you gyes are amazing, I've been listing to green day since I was 7. It would mean so much to me , plz fallow , love you <3
  • toxicwaysteOmg I watched the 89 at gilman. Fucking was crazy.
  • warning_greendayDon't no why but i love your eyebrows x
  • n.i.n.uu.s.k.aIt is cute, how @batmansmom send you a kiss 💋
  • katemalaninaDear Mike! I'm so happy of the fact that you answered me! My dream came true!!!Thank you so much! You're the best! You're my idol! 🎸🎶 Mike, can you please write something in Russian?😋 I'll be so happy if you write it! Please! Haha 😄 And once again, thank you so much 😛😛😛 And sorry for my English, my English is bad 😆😂 @mike_dosxx ✌️ Hope you answer me 😋 😉😜 @mike_dosxx
  • zolotkovasofiaСеху
  • zolotkovasofiaГо мутить
  • zolotkovasofiaЯ клевая
  • svetlanalienwhy is your selfies much hotter than mine?
  • yasmin_gbHey mike, i have an important think to ask you. My sister it's going to do 15 year old and in our culture, the girls have to do a big party and spend a night like a princess. But she isn't this kind of girl, we don't have money to do the party she deserves, and she don't have friends enough to do something for her birthday too. My mom and I are working hard to ask the bands she like to do a short video wishing her a happy birthday and send us by my e-mail it would be the greatest birthday ever. She really like you, she have a lot of green day pics on her bedroom and wear green day clothes and know all the lyrics of every song. She don't have any idea that I'm asking you for it. Please. Help us.
    Her name is Tayna, she's Brazilian. You can speak English, she will understand you. If you could show on your short video Billie joe, Tré, Jason, or you lovely wife Britt that Tayna love so much, it would be really cool too.
    Thanks if you read it. I hope you help us.
  • amandawhisper@mike_dosxx oh mike.. you're amazing! Thanks for all! <3
  • charlie_rossman@yasmin_gb good luck
  • yasmin_gbThanks man @charossman
  • grunge_rocker_@mike_dosxx hey man what's it like to be in greenday? I love you guys
  • christopherdavittYou should check out curracloe beach in Co.Wexford Ireland the next time your over man! 😎
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