• lovethywalrusAs with many Canadian cities, much of the pedestrian traffic and shopping happens beneath the streets and buildings of Montreal.
    An impressive 32km/10mi of tunnels and passages link apartments, offices, the metro and entertainment centres.
    And most are unique in their styling. I loved this section - although I lost my sense of direction down there, so not sure where I was! Hopefully some #Montreal locals can share with us below.
    Thanks to Martin @mtlinpictures for taking me on a guided local tour to discover these awesome places.
    #quebec1x1 @explorecanada

  • jboy74I really love this portion of the underground walk way! A bit make you feel like being a sci-fi movie set
  • jaydverLove your illustration
  • downtoearthvintageThanks for the info guys! @Lovethywalrus @sabatoni. Very interesting.. Yes for sure a great break. I didnt think you guys lived your home nor whole city lives underground-but didnt realise there were so many walkeays like this. It may be a good idea though to keep temps even? Much as they do in parts of australia where its super hot... Which is becoming almost everywhere these days! Lol! We may need to think of underground in a new way as the world gets greater extremes of temp and weather. 😊
  • lovethywalrus@downtoearthvintage it's definitely a great solution to the extreme weather. I liked it, it seems to keep the city thriving no matter the time of year. Who knows, maybe we'll see such things in aus one day
  • susanne_mcExcellent shot👏👏
  • lifecatchmeI quiet like the underground concept! It's living with the environment. And you, Paul, should feel totally chuffed at @magabout comment. Rediscovering your own home town through the enthusiasm and eyes of another is a gift. Awesome mate! 👏👏
  • kimspiration_1Great shot!
  • mtlinpicturesNext time you visit, I'll show you the other 31.5km ;) Love the symmetry of this shot Paul
  • carmennydiaalvarezMiss this place so much
  • suewhitSuper
  • lovethywalrus@mtlinpictures put me on a Segway, and I'm in!
  • lovethywalrus@lifecatchme it's awesome, T. Perfect adaptation to the climate. And @magabout is gorgeous, you'd love her 😊
  • ellocofishFab composition
  • lovethywalrus#2instagood
  • citymountaingoatWow. Amazing about the tunnels. Nice pic
  • su.kox@laurasteil
  • exploringtheglobe👏👏 @lovethywalrus
  • northern_dimensionStunning!
  • suegoughhenlyWhat a great optical illusion you've created!
  • lovethywalrus#jj_polaroid_minimal #fotobar @polaroidfotobar
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