Horchata break. #ElSalvador
  • latinaishHorchata break. #ElSalvador

  • tree20707I love horchata! I didn't when I first tried it but now I love it. So is that kind good and easy to make?
  • latinaish@tree20707 this brand is good but I prefer Dona Lisa brand which is also widely available. The best instant mix I've had is Mama Noya but it's harder to find in the US. All are easy to make. For 1 glass I usually mix 2 or 3 large spoonfuls of mix into 1% milk. I run it through a fine sieve a couple times, add a little sugar if necessary, then serve over ice. That's my method but others may do it differently... apparently some ppl use water for one thing.
  • tree20707Maybe I'll pick some up. It's usually a treat for me at festivals or restaurants which i don't do often.
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