• thenewclassicTHANKYOU.

  • virtual.divaThanks to you honey,you makes me happy everyday because your the best bad bitch ever.Azaleans love you.
  • _trillspiceIt was soooo much fun, thank you for being so gracious! I'm so happy I was there for both days. I cannot wait to see it it's going to be perfection 😍
  • carmenbntz<3
  • zad.girlI LOVE YOU SO MUCH
  • areejo_123Ah sweetest rapper eva♥
  • kimalyceThat's the Aussie in her ❤️
  • koalityucantaste._Thank YOU for the opportunity. ♥ @thenewclassic
  • krystalimAww yayy ❤️👌 @simply_nando
  • hayleyhypnoticcwhen is the video gonna drop?! 😬 @thenewclassic
  • may_starI like the honesty here :) I was in a Garbage music video and they tried to spin it all weird like "you've been chosen to be in this video" now work for free and we don't care because we made you feel special.... Most people thought they were going to have a real part in the video and only had seconds after filming 10 hours or so :(
  • zoereneestyleLove this video❤️@iggy
  • zoereneestyle@thenewclassic
  • someonestealmynameeeeeeeI LOVE YOU IGGY ♥
  • jaylectric@aubrey.__ shut up no one ask u though
  • jaylectric@thenewclassic we love youuu iggyyyyyyyyyyyy come to indonesia pleaseee iggyyyy
  • machinegunkelly_my_husbandI think that's what's wrong with the world because people be haten for no reason. I think people should be themselves an not be scared to be themselves because they to afraid what people think well I say f*** the people who be haten for no reason.because at the end of the day it all matters What u think about yourself an if u love yourself. @thenewclassic u is fancy then anybody so fuck those people who say shit because in reality all they doing is saying shit an that they have no life but to say shit. Just keep your head high an show them who's the shit that they wish they can be I love u so much girl an I wish a bitch would say something when they know they an't a real bitch or sexy an pretty.because I know they should look in the mirror an shut the fuck up because they just haten. I love u girl keep up the good work. An be yourself 24/7 @thenewclassic
  • machinegunkelly_my_husbandThanks at least someone do @allisonmakhoul
  • flawless_azaleaYou made that video off of my favorite movie clueless. Best vid ever!
  • thethanatosEyw
  • ds_.official_I luv uuuu IGGY can't wait until your next album
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