Pair a party cardi with a #WinkOfPink. #Kohls

Shop it! Just search these item numbers on 1639291 (cardigan), 1671871 (tee)
  • kohlsPair a party cardi with a #WinkOfPink. #Kohls

    Shop it! Just search these item numbers on 1639291 (cardigan), 1671871 (tee)

  • frajola_11😘😘😘😘
  • mamajeddyIn love♡ I need this in my life!
  • wooddoggirlOMG! Need the pink t!!!
  • mgarnett9@kohls can you tell me how to find a kohl's store that sells the prestige cosmetics? I'm in Phoenix. Thanks!!
  • rosiesolano17Really cute
  • sel_oxford@shaniastanford BTW IT HAS BUTTONS!
  • xshanthraxLol but a cardigan is just a thin sweater @sel_oxford
  • sel_oxfordThere's sweater cardigans, but a cardigan is not a sweater.
  • sel_oxford@shaniastanford
  • xshanthraxGet over this already! How long have we been arguing over this xD @sel_oxford
  • kohls@mgarnett9 Sure! What Phoenix location do you typically shop at? We can find one close to you that carries the newest #KohlsBeauty products. Until then, feel free to check out!
  • kohls@pretty_lil_closet_diaries Us too!
  • mgarnett9@kohls I usually go to the one on chandler blvd. But I'm happy to go to a Mesa or Chandler location, too. Thank you!
  • kohls@mgarnett9 Sure thing! We will let you know soon :)
  • shannonleaadamsI need some new "teacher-wear" on my teacher budget. Could you post some good outfit ideas for "casual at the office" type looks?
  • shannonleaadamsYoung hip teacher clothes. No teacher sweaters.
  • kohls@shannonleaadams Awesome feedback! We will definitely see what we can do. And we promise no sweaters ;)
  • kohlsHi @mgarnett9! It sounds like your local locations do not currently have our newest makeup collections. Please check them out on and remember you can use your Kohl's Cash to purchase them!
  • mgarnett9Thanks for checking! I'll just order from the Kohl's kiosk then! :) and hope that it's coming to Phoenix soon!
  • vale_florI have the same one in mint!
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