toddler bunkbed style going on -- @oeufnyc
  • fawnandforesttoddler bunkbed style going on -- @oeufnyc

  • kawaiigirl79Love that!!!
  • sarasowdaYes! A glimpse of your house. :) we will have to exchange an email tour one day :) (since I may not want to post everything online) :) Cute room. And so great to really see you on Sunday!! Mail coming soon. Xoxo
  • esmeandnoahGorgeous!
  • mollyferasuch a sweet idea!
  • beccahardestyLove!
  • alejandrina_bessoberto❤️❤️👌👌
  • kenziepoo♡♡♡
  • jehanjoy989@gjlhen
  • modernwool🌟✨🌟
  • kellywolstencroftLove! And so neat and tidy! Can your boys give Liam a lesson, ha!
  • abjane17😍😍😍😍😍
  • coosandahhsI'm getting ready to do the exact same thing!!! Even with the ferm living basket! Can't decide to keep toddler bed or crib.. Thinking crib then straight to twin for the little one.
  • poppysclosetWe are loving our organic mattresses from @fawnandforest I will be sure to zap u a photo.
  • fawnandforest@poppyscloset hey! That's so cool, I would totally have given you a discount code! : ) I would love to do a room tour on the f&f blog if you're interested? Email me!
  • fawnandforest@coosandahhs hello dear! We're stalling on setting up the lower bunk until we buy a mattress. Did you see the new oeuf perch toddler bed? Gah, it would match! On the f&f blog today -- Keep telling myself I don't really "need" it ; )
  • poppysclosetSure. Will do.
  • coosandahhsOh no danger!
  • nico_smallittleIs this your boys' room?😍😍😍
  • fawnandforest@with.elle.and.faye aww! That is so sweet. Seriously don't blink, these babes grow so fast! Not sure what conversion kit you'll need but feel welcome to contact customer service if you'd like a personal discount 😉😘
  • fawnandforest@with.elle.and.faye 😂 ha! that is SO funny!! I can totally picture it. Yes, since oeuf can not be directly discounted contact the amazing Vicki in custy service and she was will hook you up!! 😘 the oeuf table & chair is so sweet, it's on my list to get for my babe.
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