Difficult decisions this morning...which pan dulce to choose.
  • latinaishDifficult decisions this morning...which pan dulce to choose.

  • eileenccamposAll 😁 @latinaish
  • rubydwConcha!!!
  • latinaishJajaja... Carlos would find that decision disappointing to say the least, when he looks for the pan dulce after dinner this evening.
  • latinaish@princessmouseycards guessed correctly lol
  • tree207072I've tried many of the pan dulces and I'm just not a fan. My son loves the giant cookie with the sprinkles but I just don't find them sweet enough for my tastes. But my Honduran pareja likes them de vez en cuando con una copita de cafe los fines de semana so I will be getting them for HIM after we're married. Anything to make him happy :)
  • latinaishSome types aren't sweet enough for me either but I love the sprinkle cookie... also, try different bakeries. Pan dulce is always best fresh :)
  • nikkeya08😍😍😍
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