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  • theory11Built by hand using 100 year old reclaimed wood. On February 28th, this Mystery will be revealed. What’s inside the box? #MysteryBox #theory11

  • ast0r.r1sk@steventsinokas but the branding looks like a snake-like design.. Or a question mark.. GAH TELL US ALREADY @theory11
  • mentalmayoIf it's a deck I'm gonna be disappointed. There's a new deck from you guys or ellusionist every 3 weeks
  • magicmk29So far I have found two hidden images. Still looking for more.
  • magicmk29@steventsinokas They've shown that eagle in a few pictures, so it's definitely something on the front of the box. I have no idea what's inside though.
  • _magikmonday_The Hawk 3.0 by Alexander Kolle (; lol
  • kamoya9405I can't wait to find out what it is. But your going to sell it for like a million bucks
  • graemazingIs it "Harry" on the lock? Maybe a Houdini style lock pick set?
  • pevehouseI really don't care - I want that damn box lol
  • pevehouse@52deceptions that would be epic
  • charlie_bordsenit's gonna be super expensive...
  • este.bansanchez@theotherjoker @rufuscolby the 100 year old wood is from a tree that they cut. And let sit for 100 years
  • ast0r.r1sk@este_official I know, I was just explaining where one COULD get some from lol
  • magicmk29Just found another hidden picture on theory11!! Check the forum.
  • wwuexpectFoundations 3?
  • coalfulHoudini's personal cuffs?
  • alfiehiscoxWATCH THIS http://www.ted.com/talks/j_j_abrams_mystery_box.html Its JJAbrams talking about mystery and a mystery box of his. I don't know what relevance this may have but I think it does have some. Why? Two reasons: 1) The design on JJ Abrams mystery box is pretty damn close to the one on theory 11's 2) Theory 11 used a quote from the video in one of the instagram photos "Maybe there are times when Mystery is more important than knowledge" I'm telling you this has something to do with it?? Cmon Theory 11 give us a hint!!!!!
  • este.bansanchez@theotherjoker oh ok yeah i started questioning our education system haha
  • nicoccrz¡¡¡Tannen's mistery box logo!!!
  • john_battaa banana?
  • caitlynkoost@theory11 would it be expensive?
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