Horizons... What lies beyond the horizon... Indeed I surely cannot tell.
We can only see so far out... The rest no one can dispel.
Clarity extends out some... But the rest of life becomes a fog,
I just know the wheels are turning... And I am but a simple cog.
We cannot know the future... Indeed we can only really guess,
But there will be trials certainly... And we can be sure of life's duress.
One thing that keeps me going... The simple cog I am in the wheel,
Is that I know you're out there somewhere... And I know you're real.
Life's trials can assail... And the winds can blow me left and right,
But as I travel to twilight's horizon... I feel you gleaming in the night.
I feel your soul as it does so... And I can almost see your sweet face,
I can almost hear your voice... As I imagine your loving embrace...
Like a unique and lucid dream.
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