Meet the newest sprit owner on the block - Atlanta sales & retail launch next week !!!!!!! I'm n stores r u ????? #79GOLD
  • richiedollazMeet the newest sprit owner on the block - Atlanta sales & retail launch next week !!!!!!! I'm n stores r u ????? #79GOLD

  • iammrvouchhimselfWatch "New illuminati tut n jayz" on YouTube
  • iamleahmarieeIt's Leah Marie from billboard hit me with your contact info so we can talk business. I sing/model.
  • thick_giJhonniblaze will u shut yo dick ridin..i wanna make it so bad ass up!! YOU spit fire to erica bcuz she made a comment about "strippers"...she wasnt refering to JB and that comment was made y dirty was alive and thats how yall FIRST started beefing THEN after dirty passed u hopped on rich and was sneak dissin erica so she FINALLY fired back except she hit home talkin about ur deceased so now u blowin up da media like erica started bitch u went in off a comment monthsss long u think ppl gone allow u to keep stompin on they toes...u diss everybody talk about ppl kids dey momma but ur momma got cancer...stop acting innocent!! Hoe u reckless and cant take when ppl bash u! But u bash everybody else! You wont make it in da industry JUST cuz u gotta reap
  • thick_gi*respond to every1 instead of ignorning ppl how htownciara ignored keyshia and how keyshia ignored u...bitch grow up! U aint a boss!!
  • thick_giAnd please believe @yandysmith not wit dat messy drama get it together signing wit rich and all
  • apdiddyBetter watch that "black label" tag on the box. It even looks like the same font of Johnnie Walker Black. They will come after you hard, way too much money. I'm sure legal has vetted this but just thought I'd bring it up anyway. Hate when big companies try to crush the little guy. #salute
  • im_dat_4en_chick@richiedollaz hey If you are looking for a promotional team in the DMV... Holla at me
  • caliz_fynest_909D o I n b I g. T h a n g z z ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • jerma.neWhere can we get a bottle in Chicago or La
  • sub0manthis sub 0! i will definitly by my man rich dollaz product!! #salute to a real hustler!
  • marilyncarter82Yes l will definitely buy this product can wait to try it I'm excited.
  • mrprezzIs it a cognac whiskey or brandy
  • chezzie757That's what's up congrats @richiedollaz
  • iam_drrich@richiedollaz I would like to talk business with you
  • mizznina00@mindpicz
  • richiedollazIn back n ny
  • richiedollaz@stefaniereyess 👆👆👆👆
  • _doubledimpsCome on rich they not in my local ABC store yet....send me a bottle 😁😂
  • a_stella_story_@richiedollaz 👏👏👏👏
  • sneekos21Yr I was born.. 79
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