Happy to be back in NM working! #GoodKill #photobomb
  • januaryjonesHappy to be back in NM working! #GoodKill #photobomb

  • kingsleyfreedomYum Yum Tasty ;)
  • shalayneI adore your talent & beauty, Ms. Jones.
  • manuel929622happy to see I had a wonderful day it was one to remember my dad is home .
  • manuel929622I love this moment. And I will like this photo.
  • rachel_goodwinHope you have a great time @januaryjones
  • manuel929622There's a good story why I like you but I don't have any idea why you like me but being friends is a start.
  • whatislovebabydonthurtmeI wanna meet you! Are you in Albuquerque? :) @januaryjones
  • flamssomervilleAhh you gorgeous thing! You look lovely ☺️
  • manuel929622That's honest but I care and want her to take good care of herself and most important be happy . Saying she doesn't care is not proper and I know she's not here and am just a fan .
  • manuel929622I mean no disrespect when I say I care I really do care .goodnight
  • manuel929622And I still don't think I will be a fan of goodkill not my favourite. Sorry.
  • balletmarilyn@januaryjones Big congrats on your new project and good luck with your filming. Looking forward to hearing more updates. X
  • balletmarilynThere's no point being mean to other fans. Everyone has the right to have their own say and opinions. So there *blows a raspberry*!!!
  • manuel929622I really got good news yesterday , and I hope by saying my opinion I hope I didn't offend anyone.
  • rempeldrI think we can all agree @manuel929622 is totally normal.
  • ladybluebirdWelcome home, darlin!
  • philcho34@januaryjones a nobody here that would just like to say your beautiful and a big fan :)
  • dailystyleofmeLove your eye color 💚💙
  • tnewberry90Seen u on the late show..ur outfit was Gorgeous!! Follow back plz💋💋💋😎💯@JanuaryJones
  • 1x7is7It's a paradox how Ur sister pictured here looks nothing like u. Are you two seriously related?
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