Aboard the International Space Station, Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata ‏tweeted this image from @Astro_Wakata. His post read, "Flying over US east coast.” The six-member Expedition 38 crew wrapped up last week with more biomedical work. The international space residents also continued ongoing microgravity research, inventoried gear from a new space freighter and trained for the upcoming Cygnus release. 
Flight Engineers Mike Hopkins and Wakata are also getting ready for Tuesday’s farewell to Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus commercial cargo craft berthed to the Harmony node. The pair teamed up again to train for the robotics work necessary for Cygnus’ grapple then release with the Canadarm2. Cygnus is planned to be released Tuesday at 6:40 a.m. EST. Hopkins and Wakata will be in the cupola grappling then releasing the Cygnus with the Canadarm2. Watch the activities on NASA TV beginning at 6 a.m. EST Tuesday. 
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