ZZ what!!
happy birthday to me 🎸🎢
  • kristendouteZZ what!!
    happy birthday to me 🎸🎢

  • courtkneedavisSo jealous @kristendoute .. Been trying to see them for the last few years! Happy belated! Xo
  • scottbill28@foosball38 haha, your awesome! I'm glad someone agrees with me! Get that horse!
  • pknshieldsLil ole band from Texas!
  • me_chelle_belleSorry for all the negative comments. You have shown yourself as a brave, regretful and positive woman. You didn't deserve to be berated by me or anyone else. Keep your head up and happiness will follow. #weallmakemistakes
  • me_chelle_belle@kristendoute we all make mistakes its how we deal with them that determines our fate β™‘β™‘
  • marleepetrie@kristendoute I think your a gorgeous girl, and you deserve the world. Also I hate the way Stassi treated you like shit, that's why I love that you slept with Jax...with that said, I wish you would have come right out with it so that you could have said "fuck you Tom for cheating on me, guess what, I'm gonna bang your friends, BOOM! And fuck you Stassi for being a one sided friend, I'm gonna bang your ex, BOOM"! Lol. Own that shit girl cause you have two ppl who disrespected you left, right, and centre and then turned it around on you, like you were the bad guy when they finally were treated the same way! Go get yours girl! 😘
  • madisonl1228Too bad nobody likes you. ☺️
  • sephorandchillKristen I hope you have herpes. Your a gross bitch.
  • madisonl1228πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘ @sabrinaa_l
  • sephorandchillπŸ™
  • sephorandchill@madisonl1228
  • madisonl1228πŸ™πŸ™Œ @sabrinaa_l
  • sephorandchillLol Wtf!
  • hardstyle_quinn@marleepetrie *drops mic exits stage left* applause! Couldn't have said it better myself ^_^
  • marleepetrie@yoselin13_ πŸ˜‚ your hilarious. Thanks ha
  • laurambyYou wished me a happy birthday at SUR so I wanna wish you a happy belated birthday!!
  • valeriereinm@vanderpump__ who are you, Ariana's little bitch? All you do is talk shit about Kristen and call yourself a 'fan page' well, we're fans of Kristen, so go elsewhere. Nobody cares what you have to say.
  • valeriereinm@brekrenee did your boyfriend just cheat on you with a brunette or something? Bc if you even have a boyfriend, and he didn't, then he needs to and I hope her name is Kristen.
  • cecilia_loves_foreverKristen are you happy? Do you want Tom back? Are you happy with your new boyfriend? Arianna text him called him and hung out with him. If you want him back just be honest with him. If your over him just be happy.. Either way be happy!?
  • jen4te@vanderpump__ I saw your page. It's obvious who you like from the show. It's reality tv! Come on it's all for fun. If you like the show great and if you don't then go somewhere else. Show who you are if you want to hate on others that you don't even know.
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