Talking major boss moves with @majorgirl! 💰
  • kandiTalking major boss moves with @majorgirl! 💰

  • bossladireddY r u stalking kandi's page? Calling her and her kid fat. Go get a life white trash, black girls are blessed with ass and curves. If it's so bad then y do u have on booty pads on ur page with those green panties on? Maybe when u do enough cheap porn u can invest in a few but shots jealous bitch! @_betsy_86 @_meishia @kandiburruss kandi should delete her stalking ass she is all over the place, stank ass betsy
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  • _blowyomindMy two fav xscape
  • mylifeinsquareformI love that you both still go hard for each other!
  • bossladireddKill ur self cheap ass porn star. Here are the names of some of ur cheap porn.... Betsy does the trailer park, a night in betsy, Betsy's deep throat, cheap Betsy's thrill, Betsy's wet sea. Betsy's flat ass, betsy does it all head and balls, swallow me betsy, Betsy and the zoo animals, betsy take the train. Get ur cheap porn on for $1.50 staring cheap porn star Betsy follow her cheap trash ass @_betsy_86
  • nellz_77Listen you midnight at noon/rubber lips/welfare queen africoon, you smoked way too much crack! Get over yourself, I was expressing my opinion about your fat friend @kandiburruss. Not everybody thinks fat people are attractive and I am one of them. Chill out
  • nellz_77@bossladiredd
  • nellz_77@bossladiredd you must of been really slow!!!!
  • 1deevantownWhat color & brand lipstick is that ur wearing?????
  • its_devynI love yall together!!!!!! Wow 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
  • sharvey_1986@majorgirl looks a mess, as usual
  • 777mkmkmk😍😍😍😍
  • mrstandup_835How do I book you n @toyawright march 28 @kandiburruss
  • victoriarosarioLove me some @majorgirl
  • iron_mike2@kandiburruss hey ms burruss I got a hit song dat I want u to hear can u send ur email so I can send it to u k I'm from Htown Trae the Truth is my homie he is signed to Hustle Gang with T.I.
  • x_theprince_x:) :) @majorgirl
  • authorlatricegleen@kandiburruss You're a true inspiration. I really like how you handle your business and your personality. I had the pleasure of meeting you two years ago and you were so sweet. Continue to be blessed in all that you do and I'm happy you have a true love in Todd because you absolutely deserve it. :-) @majorgirl I love y'all friendship and you are about your business and family too. #familyhustle
  • scissor_habitLuvn 2c '2boss' chic still standn💰@kandiburruss
  • love.annesseReally 👧👩
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