• stevemaddenKendall & Kylie Jenner have teamed up with Madden Girl to create a new shoe and handbag collection!

    Enter for a chance to win a VIP trip to meet Kendall & Kylie on Saturday, Feb 22nd, for their Public Appearance at Nordstrom at the Americana at Brand, in Glendale, CA, and a $500 shopping spree at Nordstrom!#KendallKylieMaddenGirl

    Enter here: http://bit.ly/1gHG3oy

  • elaw_fulkendall is so gorgeous omggg 😍
  • thesugarbrookieAnd this is why little girls think they need to wear no clothes and act stupid.....bc THESE are the types of girls that brands choose! I mean, seriously @stevemadden you couldn't have found somebody else?
  • thesugarbrookie@enigami23 👏👏 well said, there any many undiscovered artists that are ACTUALLY talented at their craft that they could have chosen and helped promote
  • caterine01Wadges nya bagus yg coklat @zhuangcindy
  • mknightzShe's too skinny @_gingernum2_
  • m.rainerway too skinny! @ma_ckenzie
  • katreeengftwBunch of insecure people. God! Get a life people, really. Stop hating people who you just know because their family is famous & not because you had your change to hang out with them.
  • naomituaniLove them and they look perfect in this picture ❤️❤️ yall are just jealous haters, while you are posting your comments saying you hate them they are making money and your just on your phone hating. Get a life people .
  • ariana_garciaaaLet the insecure people be insecure. People have their own opinion about other people and nobody has the right to tell then to stop. So all you people telling other people to stop telling Kylie and kendall are ugly SHUTUP no asked you to tell them something and let those people think what they think. Kylie and kendall jenner are rich girls and aren't probably not even caring about these comments. So to all those mean people out there let people have their own opinion. Thank youXD
  • hollaback.chickI'm in... Only for the $500 shopping spree lol, those girls contribute nothing to society.
  • bernafb@brookw so true!! Like that whole family is so untalented! There are many people who are much more talented than them, but no one discovers them, so sorry..
  • bernafb@____jaslc "younger than EVERYONE"? Excuse me..?
  • bernafb@reneecedeno I wish that too but that won't be happen cause they're doing everything to get attention that's how they're alive.. Nowadays, with these people, they will get more attention.. so stupid!
  • reneecedeno_design@bernafb agreed! You have the supporters calling us jealous haters, no I am definitely not jealous! I am just tired of everywhere I turn I see Kardashian/Jenner, Bieber, Miley and Kanye... It's very annoying. I can't go one day without seeing them somewhere! Drives me crazy! I don't have a issue with Miley or Kanye like that it just they are EVERYWHERE! 24/7
  • alyaatikaaAh whatever haters said , i just love them !! They born rich famous talented and WORTH for it !! ♥♡
  • stylegdl@auvaga @nataliachain
  • kim1fanNeeddddd
  • kim1fan@brookw looooooooooool shut uuupp u so mad, stay mad
  • raidesvitasari#FALLFORSMOOTDS
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