• darrencrissThanks again to my ol' warbler buddy @JonHall28 for a rockin time- he killed it as Stacee Jaxx in @RockofAgesVegas this weekend!

  • lenakernusalso, i nominate you for the ice bucket challenge 😁 now you have to do it 👍👍
  • nyta_gamboI'm in Lawv wit u! @darrencriss
  • liv_coxonILYSM
  • pretty_little_unicornI wish I could be you!
  • brxnnacI love you
  • liv_coxon@darrencriss HI I LOVE YOU IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE❤️
  • molelinda@krystal_baraza
  • isiscarrozake$ha ?? eres tu??? jajsjskskd @jojolsz
  • soyjesusarangoI really love you
  • thelisabertrandOoooh 😱😍 @juliiie_s
  • julie_sznWow😍
  • julie_szn@thelisabertrand
  • thelisabertrandMoi aussi je l'ai vu ! Au même endroit !! #victoirepersonnelle 😂😍 @juliiie_s
  • jad.cocattoHi Darren. @darrencriss Obviously you will not read. Not because you do not want. But because you can not. First: Happy birthday. You deserve everything that's happening in your life.You are awesome! I could actually end this text here but of course it will not. You should not believe that so many people love you without even meeting you, too, thought. But somehow can happen. Just seeing your smile in videos and interviews. Already makes me happy. This is very strange. Both for you and for all of us (fans). People do not understand. But how could understand? If even I do not understand! Learn to like you is very difficult. Of Course! If you live in the other world gets a bit more complicated. Happy Birthday. Congratulations on all you won. My love for you is so weird that even though you will not answer I keep writing!
    Perhaps I will never see you. Since it sounds like you do not even think of coming to Brazil. It hurts me so much that not even know how I can explain. Even with the series finale approaching. I will never forget you. Or the difference you've made in my life. You appeared in a sad time in my life and made me smile. And that I do not thank you enough. 28 right? I'm just kidding. It is not as if I had told all week.
    LOVE YOU. Oh sure! Your Eyes: are the most perfect things I've ever seen in my life. Your hair is so perfect! And I love the face you make when dancing. It's so cute! ♥♥ Even you do not know, there are thousands of girls in my situation. In love with you.
    I wanted so much to know! What makes me sad to know that will never happen. But still I want you to know. THAT I LOVE YOU! This was supposed to be a short text. Like:" You are cool. Congratulations." Ended up a little bigger than I intended. I JUST LOVE YOUR VOICE! She has the power to make me so happy. But yet so sad. Love the way your glasses makes you a little nerd. Love your smile. And I say serious about this. Thank you for changing my in a good way. A magnificent way. A wonderful way. A beautiful way. Ok. I think it's time to end it. I'll really miss you, my short little hobbit. Happy Birthday. With love. From: Another fan
    Oh! I love the way that you say: Obrigado
  • marianaconta01roque na veia
  • ici.goals@themortalvampiires and here
  • edenbyyy__Sweet
  • pwjoshHot
  • sibelsofia@cosickarla shhhhhhhhhhit
  • gianna_cuomo🤘🏼
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