Regal Tumbles is regal...
  • jessicagreen0202Regal Tumbles is regal...

  • angiebekkI just love him. I hope I get a kitty of his same coloring one day
  • jessicagreen0202He's very handsome, and extremely vocal about it. He never, ever stops talking.
  • angiebekkWe truly want to get an orange-ish kitty one day and name it banana. :) banana bekkala is just awesome!
  • jessicagreen0202Yes that is aewsome! Tumbles is a Bermilla breed. He's a vanilla colored striped Bermiese which is part Siamese, explaining his constant vocal stylings.
  • jessicagreen0202Oops, I think they're spelled Burmilla and Burmese.
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