• brandenharveySpending a week alone in a foreign city with zero concrete plans has been the most refreshing and empowering thing I've ever done.

    It's just been me, a map and my Camps Bay by @onabags. I love this bag so much.

    Shot by @vnthota.

  • omidali23I plan to do the same this summer, somewhere in se Asia..or maybe Africa. Any suggestions?
  • vdublLove this edit 🙌
  • veeceechengKillllller
  • chasingaugustFantastic shot ❤️
  • jblukarAwesome
  • patpaperplanethis is amazing!! love solo travels too, hk is an incredible place (:
  • nunoassisNice
  • k_maoGlad you got to meet the awesome HK IGers :)
  • tinkerleeadGreat for you @brandenharvey ! I wish I could join. Sounds like a blast!
  • apollo232If I may ask, what brand are your pants ? They look good ! :)
  • brandenharvey@apollo232 Thanks so much! They're just cheap H&M jeans. I brought them because I knew they'd get wrecked as I travel. I'm excited to go home and start wearing my @copindenim jeans soon!
  • haileyvikWorking on that @nike sponsorship too?
  • brandenharvey@haileyvik hahah. Exactly. :)
  • northwestmommyThat bag is very you!
  • _joshesI want this bag so bad. Don't know why I went with Langly instead.
  • brandenharvey@_joshes It's the best bag I've ever owned. :)
  • _joshesGood to know! I have the union street messenger by ONA. Love it so much. Oh btw are you part of socality by any chance? I'm sure you've heard of it?
  • brandenharvey@_joshes That's rad. It sounds like you got the best of both worlds then. // I'm not. I'm really rooted in community already but I'm happy for those that may be discovering community through there.
  • _joshesHah but I would still really love to have a camps bay pack. Someday! Oh I see. Was hoping you'd be at the first socality meet up in Calgary this march. Ya you're doing amazing things around the world through this Instagram community on its own. Always inspired man! Thanks bro. If you ever come up to Vancouver BC, shoot me a message. Likewise if I come down to PDX, would love to meet up!
  • richterchristianlike it
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