Ready for takeoff! The Angels hit St. Barth’s & we’re sharing every minute of it with #AngelGetaways. Stay tuned! #VSSwim #SpringBreak ✈️🌴👙
  • victoriassecretReady for takeoff! The Angels hit St. Barth’s & we’re sharing every minute of it with #AngelGetaways. Stay tuned! #VSSwim #SpringBreak ✈️🌴👙

  • magazadanYardimlarinizi bekliyoruz
  • adanantJe veux bien faire plagiste juin juillet août @tatianatrsx
  • ifaizerUsed to fly this aircraft 😉👍
  • tatianatrsx@adanant t'as rien compris elles sont la maintenant ...
  • tatianatrsx@raph_assaraf c'est bon c'est reserve on vous attend ! Ahahah
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  • emzicsvtOmg @patfoleyy
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  • jaiiiiiiyMuito massa
  • xa.xxh💕☀️
  • madinsainOh my god! Dedicating a day to finding them @sarahgreenwood24
  • mariegiermann15Wow like it ! Who is it?
  • hannahlrfcome to Vienna! We don't have VS! 😩
  • zachariaskloster7god
  • eatuup_😍
  • _dragon2I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but as someone who has been in love with the current/previous Angels & the brand itself for quite some time, please Victoria's Secret, don't stoop down & give Kendall Jenner wings. VS has built an empire around some of the most beautiful women & everything that has been created is perfect. Kendall is an amazing model, I'll give her that - gorgeous, tall, she's perfect for any other modeling gig. But the company VS is on an entirely different level than the Kardashians/Jenners. Don't get me wrong, I watch their show sometimes & enjoy it, but they're way too commercialized & are not always surrounded by good media (& I know, publicity IS publicity either way). Victorias Secret is not necessarily exclusive but to be an Angel is put so high on a pedestal & if you were to grant Ms. Jenner wings, it would just seem like 'oh, she's got the connections so why not?' Again, Kendall is a great model but she's not right for Victorias Secret. I just cannot visualize & don't have the taste of seeing Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrosio sharing the runway with Kendall. & if you do decide to give her the opportunity, somehow I (& maybe others too) will feel the brand being "cheapened" & that thought really saddens me. Please do not mix the company that gives so many young women confidence & sexiness with an over publicized reality show.
  • cassandrablain🙌🙌🙌omg you said it so well @_dragon2
  • anniesherlock@_dragon2 well said 👏
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