It's snowing!  And that's a wrap on season 4! #shameless
  • emmyrossumIt's snowing! And that's a wrap on season 4! #shameless

  • victoriachafeI'm actually in love with you
  • leemoyer@emmyrossum is jimmy/Steve coming back?!?!???????
  • dave_tammy915Congrats
  • shannonlamarre@linlamarre
  • saywowwI know it's late but you are so my #WCW! Not even just Wednesdays lol I think you're not only beautiful, a fabulous actress with an amazing voice but you're a major inspiration and I must say you're my favorite celebrity hands down!! And you're also a Virgo!! You're the best!! 💗 xoxo is Laura Wiggins coming back to the show again?!
  • chd.cSeriously? Where's Steve?
  • weldyescalanteHi I'm a huge fan of you I love you and you are amazing in Shameless great show !! Also love your gallery !! :)
  • kcaellaighI hate how they are making lip mad at you for the Liam situation. It's a bad situation but it wasn't like Fiona purposely hurt liam! I wish they would make lip give her a break! Like lip has never done anything wrong?!. Fiona is a very good guardian and she made 1 mistake . I just wish they would write it so lip had Fiona's back, but with shameless, there's a reason for everything written! 😏
  • rickykinneyYou're so fine 💯
  • arguillos@davidvircof esta es fiona , la chica que me tiene enamorada de la serie , Shameless , esta impecable broter
  • loonsie@dukehtx
  • 1989.renCongrats on all the seasons!!
  • just_a_doodGorgeous
  • miiss_jadeYour such an awesome actress!! I dig you being one of the main characters on #shameless luv it!!
  • eazy.neenaIt always makes me so happy knowing I was still on the train filming when you took this picture! I wish I got to meet you! Maybe next time ❤️❤️❤️
  • sweetxcin😻😻😻😻😻😻
  • albaflo_@mericuartero fiona guapa
  • catolavemuy linda sos
  • roderrrrickMarry me
  • elapuesto@ali_j_allami
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