Thanks @sneakerapp for coping your pairs at #ShiekhShoes #Retro6 #infrared
  • shiekhThanks @sneakerapp for coping your pairs at #ShiekhShoes #Retro6 #infrared

  • fnkslleHey guys I received a messed up pair of these infrared 6s check my last pic anyway or know where I can swap for new pair or anything please thanks much appreciated guide me to somewhere that will
  • shiekh@jaysfnatic call your local store and see if they have a pair left. I believe all stores sold out. Would you like to just return it?
  • fnkslleI'm sure they did sell out, and not really I wanted them to wear etc.
  • fnkslleI know its not your guys fault just wondering if had more pairs can swap me since you guys deal with nike or some laces
  • shiekh@jaysfnatic I'll check for you on Monday when I go into the office
  • shiekh@jaysfnatic I'm sorry that it happened. I'll see what I can do
  • fnkslleOk thanks much appreciated would take new kicks, laces, whatever to fix this problem to much money on shoes to get them like that, it's fine I know not your fault thanks guys
  • deletedacc__________Do you guys have any in stock for men's ?
  • fnkslleDid you guys ever findout if can get a new pair, laces something??
  • fnkslleShoot even if can hook me up with a pair next time
  • zzhann.e#auntpearls
  • regardless_mon@shiekhshoes any more???
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