• peteholmes#NOLA

  • hibbaardLemme just delete that for you
  • adamhumbleI can smell the sun soaked piss and vomit now.
  • graceljamesWe. Were. Just. There. Ugghh
  • thekingoftheinternetSkeet Holmes
  • lordblackrockerI live there...
  • adamhumbleWait? Is that Paula Abdul's Scat Cat? I have no idea what we are supposed to be looking at? Your new balances that my 2 yr old has? (Literally, you are wearing my toddler's exact tires) - I want to become your fashion consultant...6'6" should not do little Petey army helmet exposing skinny jeans. I now hate myself for putting this much thought into the meaning of this. Box wine face now.
  • imwhitechynaOohh damn lookit those big ole feet I bet ya gotta big ole DEEEak
  • maggie_mullins_Whoaaaaa I'm on a plane to New Orleans right now I really hope I see you!!!
  • lunarseaqueen@buttmcbutt. Nice comment.
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