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  • theory11A story begins. A secret rooted in Mystery. Share the experience. Coming soon. #theory11

  • zach_of_spadesAm i right thoe.. Its kinda obvious 😂 @52deceptions
  • pogsiew@zach_of_spades HAHA you and your spongeballs
  • delaney_curryHahahahaha you and your spongeballs! @zach_of_spades
  • ast0r.r1sk@zach_of_spades YES! I'LL GET MY SPONGEBALLS!! And a smexy box for them!
  • el_davidblancoThis is so epic
  • ast0r.r1sk@theory11 so.. When do I get my spongeballs box? XD
  • adlerdavidsonI'm guessing it's a thimble case. With a coded lock.
  • retrosfIm guessing a membership or somthing like the black club or a deck collection
  • newjayrI guess that its something pretty cool. Yall are overthinking. Just wait patiently for the surprise. Its theory 11 its gon be giod
  • mads_anekjrIt MUST BE A BOX
  • michaelmckenna_1So we all know it's some ripe of box and look at the end there's a code it must mean something
  • bench_heroI need this box☺️
  • bwoberleyWe get it. It's a wooden box.
  • theory11@3rizzle Much more than just that!
  • theory11@michaelmckenna_1 Everything means something.
  • bailey_barkerI've got it. It's a box that enables you to visually shrink both yourself and carrots for easier storage! This way, when you're not doing magic for people and you want a nice snack and to be alone, just open your box, go inside, and have someone throw you on the shelf and lock it. It's all coming together.
  • coalfulThat's exactly it ! We've solved the case Watson ! It was actually quite elementary. @deceptionisyourperception lolz
  • theory11Stay tuned tonight at 11:00pm EST for a closer look!
  • elilo__It's a box to store cards in :( in my opinion
  • alfiehiscoxWATCH THIS http://www.ted.com/talks/j_j_abrams_mystery_box.html Its JJAbrams talking about mystery and a mystery box of his. I don't know what relevance this may have but I think it does have some. Why? Two reasons: 1) The design on JJ Abrams mystery box is pretty damn close to the one on theory 11's 2) Theory 11 used a quote from the video in one of the instagram photos "Maybe there are times when Mystery is more important than knowledge" I'm telling you this has something to do with it?? Cmon Theory 11 give us a hint!!!!!
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